• Due to the weather delays, the due date to submit a note or letter to be included in the 2021 Time Capsule has been extended until April 19 . You may leave your note or letter to be read by future generations in the church office or email your letter to LeAnn at

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  • Confirmation Sunday is April 18. Please help us welcome our youth to our congregation

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  • Join us on Saturday, May 1 as we celebrate the graduation of Trevor Oetting from the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary. 

    We will meet in the Chapel at 9:00 a.m. to view the pre-recorded video that will be shown at 9:30 a.m. on Facebook and YouTube. Trevor will not be walking across the stage, but his name and picture will appear on the screen. Since this is not a live stream, Trevor will be able to join us in the Chapel! Or you may watch from home. The links to the video are below.



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  • Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9.

    If you wish to honor that special MOM or “mother-like” person in your life, please include a suggested $5.00 donation to go to Lessie Bates Neighborhood House and her name as you would like to see it listed in the Mother’s Day Sunday bulletin. 

    Please return it to the church office by May 5th

    Add a short phrase if you like. 

    To download the form click here

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  • May 23 will be Graduation Sunday.  If you or someone in your family is graduating from high school,  junior college, college or graduate school, please call the church office (734-9437) or email LeAnn  

    We don’t want to miss anyone!

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  • It is time to start planning for Vacation Bible School June 27-July 1 at Faith Presbyterian Church. If you would like to volunteer, there are sign-up sheets at the table in the hallway at McGuire & Davies and at Church. 

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  • Birdies for Charity

    Laurie Todd, chairperson, here, and I am trying to get this on one page, so please, bear with me.  Other than Birdies for Charity 2020, we have not had any other fundraisers for our Church’s Annual Budget, since Uncle Phil’s Diner in Fall of 2019.  BFC has proven to be a good fundraiser for us.  We are guaranteed at least 105% (maybe up to 110%) of the money YOU pledge returned to us this October.  You can make your pledge any time starting today (if you want, then you can forget about it!!) through no later than Friday, July 9th, 2021.  Everyone can take part!!  There is no donation too big or too small!! 

    The deadline for pledge forms to qualify as a contest entry (Guessing the # of Birdies) for the 2 year car lease on a 2021 Lexus NX have to be received by June 21, 2021. 

    Whether you get your April Caller via mail or email, you should have a paper copy of the Birdies for Charity form in the April Caller envelope OR attached to your emailed April Caller, to run off. You do need to know that the CHARITY NAME is “First United Methodist Church” and our BIRDIE # is “2135”, which is already typed in for you.  You can also save postage and donate online. Type in ,which gets you to the web page, and follow the directions.  I can also email you some help with those online directions, if you’d like…or talk you through it on the phone!!

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call me at 309-734-6536 or my cell 309-255-1535.  You can also email me at You can also go to to see more information online.  


    Please pray with me for a successful turnout of pledging this year!!

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  • Building Update


    Weather hasn’t helped us for the end of this month.  Cement work has halted as the basement is to wet to work on with all the water and mud.  We have been using pumps to pump out standing water and when it gets close again, we have rain.

    But this month we did get half the footings poured and almost all the steel reinforcing bars put up so that when we can start again the crew will need to place forms up for cement.

    Inside the demo work has been started as the basement hallway, women’s restroom ceilings and fixtures have been removed.  First floor and second floor hallways ceiling, lighting, nonsupport walls, front entry area will be completed if no problems should be complete end of week of 3/26.  Temporary walls will be constructed to support education building floors, ceilings and roof while demo is finished to the exterior wall outside.  Once that is down new exterior building wall will be constructed.

    April we will see more happening outside depending on the weather.  We keep moving forward.  

    Please keep the project in your prayers! 

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  • Call-Em-All & Text-Em-All Update

    We are initiating a new way to communicate with members and people who regularly attend 1st United Methodist Church. It’s called Call-Em-All, or Text-Em-All, and the system is now in place.

    Pastor Jon will send out a message to those who have signed up, and then you will receive the message. That’s it.


    Please contact the church office (309-734-9437) to be added to the list to receive messages.

    We are initiating a new way to communicate with members and people who regularly attend 1st United Methodist Church. It’s called Call-Em-All, or Text-Em-All, and the system is now in place and you will be receiving messages, sent out by Pastor Jon. Information about Call-Em-All went out in a mailing in November. You were asked to update a general contact information sheet for the office, and then indicate whether or not you wished to be a part of Call-Em-All. Thank you to all who have responded so far. There are a couple of important things to remember about Call-Em-All. 

    First, depending on your personal preference, you will receive a phone message, or a text, to the number you provided. If your phone number should ever change, or if your preference for a call or text changes, you will need to contact the office. When we are able to worship again in person, Call-Em-All forms will always be kept at the Welcome Table.


    Second, it is not necessary, or possible, to respond to the message. It is simply a message for you.


    Third, with this system, no one is required to call another person. That’s not how it works. Pastor Jon will send out a message to those who have signed up, and then you will receive the message. That’s it.


    We’ll begin using Call-Em-All immediately. It might be a prayer request, a church announcement or a building update, a weather related announcement, meeting reminders, things like that.


    We want to thank the members of the Memorial Committee, who graciously approved the funding for Call-Em-All for the first year.