• October Is Pastor Appreciation Month! 

    October is annually Pastor Appreciation Month.  We often take for granted the energy, efforts, and support of Pastor Jon Sims and Joyce Clark for our Church Family. Please take a moment to thank Pastor Jon and Joyce for all that they do for us and our church community.

    Pastor, Parish, and Staff Relations Committee

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  • All Saints Sunday on November 7

    All Saints Sunday

    on November 7

    Our church will celebrate All Saints Sunday on November 7 during the worship service.  We will remember our members who dies after November 1, 2020 with an individual rose.  If you would like to recognize a family member who passed away last year, these names will be included in the bulletin. Please contact LeAnn in the church office by Tuesday, November 2.

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  • Call-Em-All & Text-Em-All Update

    We are initiating a new way to communicate with members and people who regularly attend 1st United Methodist Church. It’s called Call-Em-All, or Text-Em-All, and the system is now in place.

    Pastor Jon will send out a message to those who have signed up, and then you will receive the message. 

    That’s it.


    Please contact the church office (309-734-9437) to be added to the list to receive messages.

    We are initiating a new way to communicate with members and people who regularly attend 1st United Methodist Church. It’s called Call-Em-All, or Text-Em-All, and the system is now in place and you will be receiving messages, sent out by Pastor Jon. Information about Call-Em-All went out in a mailing in November. You were asked to update a general contact information sheet for the office, and then indicate whether or not you wished to be a part of Call-Em-All. Thank you to all who have responded so far. There are a couple of important things to remember about Call-Em-All. 

    First, depending on your personal preference, you will receive a phone message, or a text, to the number you provided. If your phone number should ever change, or if your preference for a call or text changes, you will need to contact the office. When we are able to worship again in person, Call-Em-All forms will always be kept at the Welcome Table.


    Second, it is not necessary, or possible, to respond to the message. It is simply a message for you.


    Third, with this system, no one is required to call another person. That’s not how it works. Pastor Jon will send out a message to those who have signed up, and then you will receive the message. That’s it.


    We’ll begin using Call-Em-All immediately. It might be a prayer request, a church announcement or a building update, a weather related announcement, meeting reminders, things like that.


    We want to thank the members of the Memorial Committee, who graciously approved the funding for Call-Em-All for the first year.

  • Building Update

    With the passing of the seasons from Summer to Fall we are watching many changes to our project over the last month.  Over the last months the carpenters have been busy completing the sheeting on the exterior walls of the Sanctuary.  They have also completed a majority of the roof trusses and soffit framing.  As of this writing they just completed the sheeting on the south face of the sanctuary roof and have sealed off the south roof with ice dam material along the sheeting perimeter and the roofing underlayment.  The carpenters will continue working towards completing the roof structure on the north side of the sanctuary.  Masons had completed placing blocks for the elevator shaft to the second floor level, completing the shaft so the steel erectors could put in the framing for the south entry and the structure for the second floor elevator hallway, preparing for the placement of concrete for that hallway floor.

    Quite a bit has been completed over the last month in the basement by the electricians and plumbers.  Electricians have installed the conduit for the electric service that will be brought in from a new transformer, placing the building back on one service feed.  Many may not have realized but the Education Wing and the Old Sanctuary were on two different electric feeds from the poles.  In theory we could have lost power in one portion of the building but not in the other.  They have also installed large conduits for distribution of power from the main electric panels to the remainder of the new building and picking up the Education Wing.  Many of the smaller conduits going to electric outlet and switch boxes have been installed throughout the lower parlors including the kitchen and the restrooms. 

    Plumbers have completed the water service from the 6” water service line that was installed by the site contractor, who closed East Broadway to connect to the existing City main.  This required concrete patching of the pavement above the trench that was excavated.  The plumbers have also completed the waste lines in the lower parlors  restrooms and the lines that connect to the first floor fixtures and the vents.  They have also installed a majority of the water service lines in the kitchen, mechanical room and the lower parlor restrooms.  Plumbers have also installed the new natural gas main and have began to install the branches off that including the branches for the kitchen for installation of gas stoves. 

    Fire sprinkler installers have installed pipe and fittings on the first floor of the education wing completing what they could in the Monmouth Early Learning Center rooms.  They also installed piping in the lower parlor hallway and the youth room. 

    If you are on Facebook and “like” our church Facebook page, you can follow the action with weekly updates and the occasional special update.  The Fresh Start Committee and sub-committees continue to meet when necessary to make further recommendations on the project.  We ask that you continue to pray for this project, the contractor and sub-contractors workers, that they will be able to continue to work safely and stay healthy during our project.     

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