Building Project Update


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October 1

Anytime there is a project of any significance it always comes down to the final details. The last month of work on the building has been all about the details. The contractor has had only a few people on site working through touch up painting. They also completed replacing stair tread covers from the basement to the second floor, also floor trim along the stairs. Those working at the project have also worked to clean up left over materials, boxes and other containers no longer needed. To resolve an issue with one of the entry heating units the contractor had to reframe a portion of the wall in the south entry to accommodate the furnace unit.

The utility infrastructure is getting close to being complete. Remaining work needs to be done on the fire alarm panel and fire and smoke detectors, replacing defective items with new once they arrive. Once those repairs are made it will allow the work in the elevator to be completed. Once that work is completed then it can be inspected. This would be the final step in allowing for the elevator to be used. Once all the infrastructure is inspected and final approval given then there will be training to make sure the units and controls can be used properly. The contractor has promised to begin working on installation of the kitchen cabinets once the proper personnel is available. It is hoped that much of this work will be completed in the near future.

If you are on Facebook and “like” our church Facebook page, you can follow the action with weekly updates and the occasional special update. The Fresh Start Committee and sub-committees continue to meet when necessary to make further recommendations on the project. We ask that you continue to pray for this project, the contractor and sub-contractors workers, that they will be able to continue to work safely and stay healthy during our project.

September 1

As summer comes to a close and school is now in session, another season has passed, and we hope the construction season on this project is coming to a close. The congregation continues to be faithful in the process and our goal of completion continues to get closer. The exterior work on the building continued as the site contractor returned to install tile drains on the SE corner of the parking lot and to complete grading around the parking lot. With the grace of many congregation members, left over brick, rock and other materials mixed into the completed grade was removed and disposed of.


Many details within the building are coming together with many of the trades returning at one point or another to complete the work. Glass and hardware have been installed in a majority of the new doors, with just a few exceptions. ADA Door Assist pads and openers were installed on both the North and the South entrances to the building. Flooring has been completed throughout the building, all that remains are the treads in the south stairwell, cleanup on the upper floor tile due to construction techniques used and some floor trim in the Atrium. The HVAC contractor has returned to install the ductwork and vents in the acoustical cloud in the Sanctuary which our prime contractor installed. This work should be completed soon, incorporating some changes that needed to be made to the design. Touch up painting has been completed as necessary throughout the building. Our audio/video contractor and electricians have been working on the wiring and components for the sound system over the last few weeks, which should be completed in the next week or two. This included floor pockets in the Chancel for microphone cables and other component cables. I had an opportunity to hear some music that was being played through the system and it sounded wonderful!

One hold up that we are currently facing is a defective circuit board in the fire detection control panel which we hope will be resolved soon. Once this issue is resolved then the work on the elevator and fire detection system can be completed and we can apply for occupancy, which will then allow us to begin use of the building on a full-time basis.

 August 6

There continues to be many details that are being worked on moving the project closer to completion. The south parking lot was striped for vehicles this week. Plumbers came in and installed sinks and began connecting waste lines to them. We learned a while back that the new water heater that was installed already had a rupture in it so it will need to be replaced.

The prime contractor worked on installing the handrails for the ADA ramp and stairs to the Chancel in the sanctuary. Work has been completed on the multimedia desk in the back of the sanctuary, ready for installation of more of the sound equipment and wiring. Their personnel also continued to touch up paint in various locations in the new building.

Electricians, masons and elevator contractor was in to finalize work on the elevator to prepare for final inspection. Unfortunately part of it included an interface with the fire alarm system and we learned a defective panel had been installed so that will need replaced prior to the final inspection. Deliveries were made for the HVAC system to complete the duct work and acoustical cloud in the sanctuary. We anticipate that work to be completed soon.

Please continue prayers for all involved with the project as there will be quite a bit of work that will need to be completed even after the construction is completed. Much cleaning and moving of items in storage to different locations throughout the new building will need to start so that use of the building can occur.

July 30

The emphasis this week was getting the flooring installed. The installation was completed throughout the lower parlors and the first floor. This included carpet, carpet tile and laminate vinyl tile and the base trim along the walls. All floors and the chancel in the sanctuary was completed. Friday saw the paving contractor come in and place the asphalt parking lot pavement. several other details were finished as able throughout the building.

The coming week, we anticipate several different contractors to be on site to continue their work including the elevator contractor, electricians, masons and plumbers. The goal is to continue working towards that time when the congregation can set up for church services in the new sanctuary. We ask for continued prayers for all involved with the project. We will continue to give updates as able and inform all of the special events when they are scheduled including an Open House and the Building Dedication service.

July 23

Progress by the flooring contractor in the lower parlors including the kitchen, pantry and Fellowship hall, which this photo illustrates.

For those congregation members available there is an opportunity to help move items from the youth room to the fellowship hall area. Items to be moved include keyboards, pianos and many other items used for worship. This will be needed as the youth room is going to get new flooring as a part of this project.

The new kitchen cabinets are also going to be moved to the kitchen in preparation for installation. Additional work needs to be completed on the elevator and shaft by several contractors, which will then need to be inspected to be approved for operation.

Upcoming work includes flooring and trim installation on the first floor. Sound and multimedia wiring and equipment installed where able. We will continue to see details completed and will report what we can on a weekly basis until complete.

We look forward to joining together soon in the new space but until then we continue to ask for prayers for all involved in the project.

July 16

We continue to see the fine details expected as the project continues to move towards completion. Doors and door hardware had been installed throughout the building including some safety features including fire door releases. Painting has been done including some areas to touch up where needed. Access connections from the back of the chancel in the sanctuary were installed allowing for ADA and stairway access.

The site contractor was in to rough grade the new parking lot to prepare for final grading of the rock base and placement of asphalt. Roofing contractor completed their work by installing the eaves trough and downspouts on the sanctuary roof. The ceiling to the front entry overhang was completed as well as the face trim along the front of the roof.

We expect to see further progress as many items need completed for the elevator before final inspection and operation permit. Flooring will be installed over the next couple weeks. A setback with the “cloud” for the HVAC system in the sanctuary as it will be delivered a week later than planned. We also had a rupture in the new water heater so that will be replaced under warranty in the next couple weeks as well.

As some of the anticipated work gets completed the committees and congregation members will be able to start preparing to distribute stored items throughout the new building, allowing for work to be completed in the youth room where many items were stored from the old building.

There will be requests for assistance as these times come so we ask that any one who is willing to help, contact the church and we can get your name on a list for volunteer assistance. Any prayers you can lift up as the project moves into its final phase would be greatly appreciated.

July 9

As we continue moving closer to completion this week saw many details completed. Major items of completion was the framing of the Chancel (stage) in the Sanctuary. Wiring for sound system elements on the chancel has been installed and sheeting has been completed. The framing for the access stairs behind the left wall has been completed and We anticipate the ramp to the stage being completed soon.

Installation of door frames and painting of the frames has been completed. Much cleanup has been done to prepare for installation of carpeting in various locations. The electricians have been finishing up details where needed including a surge protection device in the system. There will be plenty more details that we may not get to show you as the project moves forward.

We ask for continued prayers for the project and all involved. We still anticipate a building dedication in September, but will release more information as it gets closer.

July 2

This week found notable progress throughout the building and exterior. The site contractor graded and added black dirt preparing for seeding. On the north entry, the overhang over the doors has been framed and soffit siding installed. The remaining outdoor lighting on the building was installed and is operable. Roofing contractor worked to seal up some of the flat roof trim.

Inside the building there were many subcontractors involved with work. Electricians continued installing electrical and system components including fire alarm pulls, fire control panels, switches and detectors. Also installed controls for the restroom power vent unit. HVAC contractor installed ceiling vents for the suspended ceiling and soffits in the Fellowship Hall.

The contractor installed a majority of the suspended ceiling panels throughout the building and performed cleanup in various locations. Work on the chancel stage has began and completed as much as able until our sound system contractor can install some boxes and other components.

The contractor will be continuing cleaning as necessary to prepare for installation of floor coverings on all floors where necessary. Site contractor will return to grade the aggregate base for the parking lot and place the asphalt base and surface. There are still details that need completed so we hope those will be addressed soon.

We ask for continued prayers for all those involved with the the project as we move closer to the time when we will be able to join together to worship.

June 25

Small steps are the name of the game for the last week. The contractor worked to unwrap the wood beams, seal around them then touch up the paint in the sanctuary. They also touched up the beam finish where needed.

They also began sealing the seams where needed on the Nichiha Panel siding on the exterior of the building and will continue that work into next week. Painting of the HVAC ducts in the sanctuary was completed, preparing for painting and installation of vents and sound muffling “cloud” around the ducts. Other clean up completed where needed. Drywall was installed in a few locations in the lower parlor hallway and doorway leading to the Fellowship Hall.

Electricians were on-site to continue installing lights and system fixtures including lighting on the exterior of the building. We continue to see scheduling challenges that extend the completion date on the project. We appreciate the patience of the congregation and others who will benefit from the completed building. Your support is also greatly appreciated, although we do ask you for continued prayers for all those involved with the project.

June 18

This week brought important, although limited progress. We watched one crew working a majority of the week installing the concrete siding panels and finishing that work. They then worked on and completed the roof soffit trim on the perimeter of the roof. Some detail work was completed inside, removing the protective wraps off the large wooden arches and framing in the sanctuary and sealing around those components.

The electricians continued to work on electrical fixtures, switches and other system components related to the fire detection system, installing them in the suspended ceiling panels where needed.

We continue to see challenges with scheduling of work but hope the contractor can focus on areas that can be used soon, allowing us to begin preparing portions of the building to use and be ready for a September dedication date. We ask for prayers for the project and all those involved as we continue to move closer to the time we can begin using the new building for our ministries.

June 11

We continue to see slow but steady progress on the project with many details being brought together. The exterior of the building continues to see progress on the concrete siding panels with the anticipated completion in a couple weeks. The HVAC contractor has been working on mechanical systems, installing and connecting AC compressors and pressuring those systems in anticipation of the building being ready. Remaining exterior work is the siding, roof soffit trim, guttering systems and site work.

Interior work has included the contractor exposing the wood beams in the sanctuary. Ceiling grid in the restroom hallways has been completed for the three floors of the building. Some ceiling tiles have been installed to allow for light and system installations. They are also installing tile where able, depending upon where HVAC vents still need to be installed. Electricians and HVAC contractors continue installing switches, sensors and other control systems throughout the new portion of the building. Plumbers have began to install fixtures in various locations and preparing for installation in other locations. There are still many details to be brought together and some not even illustrated for you here during our summary.

We hope you are as excited about this project as we are and hope you can join us for worship and other events once we are ready to open. We ask for continued prayers for the project, the contractors and other personnel involved with the project. Prayers also for the staff, committees and congregation as they continue to work on details for worship and daily operation once the project is completed.

June 4

Important progress happened on the jobsite this week. Carpenters worked for a day on the concrete siding early in the week, progressing on the North and West side of the Sanctuary. The remainder of the work continued inside with installation of ceiling tile grid in several locations. Once that was completed, it allowed electricians to return to install light fixtures into the ceiling grid. This also allowed the fire protection contractor to move forward on installing the ceiling sprinkler heads. This work completed all the ceiling grid and a majority of the new lighting in the lower parlors and first floor. The stained glass contractor completed installation of the tri-rose window on the front of the sanctuary. Roofing contractor worked on the roof some more this week as well.

We anticipate that several contractors will return to work on electrical, HVAC and plumbing systems throughout the building. The contractor will be working on the concrete siding panels once final details are completed on ceiling grid.

We continue to ask for prayers for the project and all those involved whether from the church or the contractors. Continue to follow along with the project as we will continue sharing some details as we get closer to the end of the project.

May 28

Many details continue to be completed as the project progresses. This week saw the electricians installing many hanging lights in the sanctuary, the lighting systems and switches for the lights. They also connected power to the HVAC systems in the Sanctuary and the Atrium. Fire sprinkler contractor came in and completed installation of sprinkler heads in the restrooms.

Drop ceiling frames continued to be installed in the restrooms and the hallways outside the restrooms. They were also installed in a mechanical room and in the Atrium. Drywall was finished and painted around the elevator doors at all four locations. Nichiha concrete siding panels are being installed on the east exterior walls and the north walls.

As many minute details continue to be completed it is hard to keep track and document them all. We continue to ask for prayers for the project and all involved.

May 21

This week saw the project go from boxes to installations. The restrooms in the lower parlors and first floor saw progress this week with toilet partitions, towel dispenser units, baby changing tables, and ceiling tile grids installed with electricians following up with lights. Sink installations and other plumbing connections still need to be completed. Work in the lower parlors and Fellowship hall area included soffit installation around the kitchen stove hoods. Lighting was completed in the pantry area and additional finish drywall work was completed in a few areas. Fire protection system wiring was connected to the controls in the mechanical room in the lower parlors.

First floor work included lighting in the sanctuary and atrium. Recessed lighting in the Atrium soffit, audio/video booth and in the walkways behind the front sanctuary walls. The light bases for the stained glass on the front sanctuary walls were installed, some adjustment needed but will see the stained glass installed soon. The HVAC contractor completed installing the sanctuary duct work that hangs from the beams.

The exterior of the sanctuary saw progress with installation of the Concrete siding panels on the south and east sides. Masons finished some decorative pieces on the top of the south entrance and the staircase. They will have one piece left to install on the staircase at a later date. Roofers were in to complete the roofing system over the expansion gap between the education wing and new sanctuary buildings sealing up the project.

We continue to see progress on the project and many of the small details that need to be completed are being worked on. Updates may not include all details but will continue sharing what we can but without giving everything away. We ask for continued prayers for the project and all the contractors, subcontractors and congregation members who are involved with the project.

May 14

Despite previous week concerns for scheduling, this week ended up having much progress in some areas but other areas lacking in anticipated progress. With painting being completed in the Sanctuary, the crew moved to finishing drywall, priming and painting in the Atrium area. Early in the week saw painting completed in the restrooms, which opened up those areas to the installation of electrical and plumbing fixtures.

Electricians continued installing switches and outlets and other lighting control features throughout the Sanctuary and restrooms. Fire detection and alarm equipment and controls were also installed by the electricians. HVAC technicians were able to return to begin installation of the ductwork and blowers for the building system in the Sanctuary moving this area looking closer to complete. Once drywall work was completed, contractor personnel was able to move outdoors into the hot weather to install the wood textured concrete panel siding located on the south side of the sanctuary and a portion of the east exterior wall.

It is anticipated that the electricians will continue working on fixtures, switches and some conduit and junction boxes preparing for some installations that will happen once ceiling support grid installation is complete. HVAC ductwork and indoor units installation will be completed in the sanctuary, allowing them to switch to installation of control systems.

Contractors will continue to install ceiling grid supports in the restrooms, and Nichiha Concrete siding panels on the exterior sanctuary walls and elevator shaft. We hope that with forecasted rain on Wednesday of the coming week that masonry contractor will return to complete the remaining elevator door opening on the first floor, which will allow the elevator contractor to complete their work unencumbered.

Scheduling continues to be a challenge on the project but we ask for continued prayers for the contractor and subcontractors, members of the church that are involved and the congregation as a whole as they all continue working towards that time when the project will be completed.

May 7
This week saw progress in many locations throughout the building. The painters came in and completed painting the final colors of the Sanctuary and some of the restrooms. The drywall crew continued finishing the drywall in the Atrium to prepare for priming. The electrical contractor continued installation of various lights in various locations. The lighting for the Fellowship hall and kitchen in the lower parlors are operational. Panels and junction boxes were installed in the Sanctuary in preparation of installing the lighting. The elevator contractor continued installing the elevator, completing the doors and the electrical and control systems. Brick masons installed block around most of the elevator door frames to close in the elevator shaft.

Drywall work and paint are expected to continue in the Atrium. Elevator crew is expected to continue on the elevator and shaft this week. Painters may return later in week to paint the Atrium and touch up any areas needed. There may be more work on the exterior of the building where the concrete siding panels need installed assuming workers are available. We ask for continued prayers for all those involved in the project and all are welcome to participate in the project where able. Please contact the church to inquire about how one can participate.
April 30
This week saw the continuation of work on a majority of the building but also some new features as well. Outside we saw continuation of soffit panels on the overhang of the Sanctuary and installation of concrete siding panels on the south entry. The contractor focused on completing features like the drop ceiling frames in the kitchen and pantry spaces. Electricians focused on completing finish electrical items in the kitchen and Fellowship hall including LED lighting and motion sensors. The elevator contractor installed the electrical systems and controller panel for the elevator. They also installed door frames and closer devices on each floor. 
Drywall contractor continued working on the Sanctuary walls finishing up areas that aren’t currently primed. They also touched up various locations where needed, then will prime again when done. The chairs for the Sanctuary were delivered mid-week this week and stacked so they can be worked around. Work will continue on the electrical in the lower parlors, elevator work will continue and painters are supposed to be painting in the sanctuary.

We ask for continued prayers for the project and all involved. We do anticipate continued and noticeable progress over the next few weeks. At some point we will start holding back on pictures as to raise the level of anticipation and excitement for completion. We don’t want to spoil the surprise!

April 23

This week found a better weather week allowing for quite a bit of work being completed both inside and out. Outside we had concrete panel siding and rigid insulation installed on the east wall of the elevator shaft. Carpenters also installed the soffit panels under the eaves along the south and east side of the sanctuary roof, getting them in place before siding panels can be completed.

The elevator contractor was on-site for a couple days completing installation of the hydraulic lift system and the cab floor structure. This floor installation will assist with remaining installation in the shaft of controller units, door frames and other items necessary for proper operation. The stained glass contractor brought the frames and performed a temporary install for the Tri-Rose windows from the former sanctuary. They were taken down to accommodate priming and painting of the Sanctuary wall. They will be reinstalled once the painting is complete.

Electricians worked installing light fixtures in various storage rooms in the lower parlors. They also installed another panel in the first floor electrical closet by the first floor restrooms. Painters completed paint in the Fellowship Hall including the kitchen, pantry and mechanical room. They prime and painted the lower parlor hallway and primed the first floor hallway as well.

It is anticipated that the drywall crew and painters will continue working on the sanctuary walls and ceiling, preparing for a painting crew to be here to paint the entirety of the sanctuary the first week of May. Electricians will begin completing installation of wiring, light fixtures and switches in the Fellowship hall and kitchen/pantry areas. Weather should permit work on the concrete siding panels and soffit on the Sanctuary building and Elevator shaft walls.

There will continue to be updates but at some point I will be somewhat vague with descriptions and images so to not spoil the surprise of seeing the completed building in person. We do ask for continued prayers for all involved in the project.

April 16

This week saw the elevator arrive on many different palettes and the subcontractor began to install it. Guide rails, their connections and hydraulic lift components were installed for the first couple of floors. Controller cabinet was prepared to be put in place.

Electricians continued pulling and connecting wire to various locations throughout the lower parlors including the mechanical room lighting, kitchen and pantry lighting and pump room lighting. They will continue similar work over the upcoming week in different locations of the new building.

Drywall crew continued to work in the sanctuary to place and finish drywall compound on the ceiling and walls. Painters completed a majority of the painting in the fellowship hall, mechanical room, kitchen and pantry areas. They also primed the existing hallway walls in the lower parlor and first floor. They also painted the first floor restrooms.

Carpenters painted waterproofing on the east and south walls of the concrete block elevator shaft making the walls a bright blue. Too bad they will be covered by concrete siding. They also installed Nichiha concrete siding panels on the south entrance walls. They also began to install soffit under the south soffit along the sanctuary. We anticipate installation of insulation and siding on the elevator shaft and, soffit.

We asked for continued prayers as we move closer to completion for the contractor, subcontractors, church staff and committee members involved.

April 9

Work for this week was limited due to poor weather throughout the week and the work that was done was not all visible. Electricians pulled many wires throughout the building to various electrical panels and connecting some equipment to the infrastructure. Additional electrical panels were installed as conditions allowed.

Drywall crew continues working to prepare the Sanctuary and Atrium walls with compound and preparing it for primer then paint. The Fellowship Hall saw the drywall primed and painted this week. The small amount of work that was completed outside was installation of concrete siding panels.

Work anticipated for this week is continuation of drywall preparations and priming. Electricians continue to install and connect wiring to panels and equipment as able. Elevator installers are to arrive this week to prepare and begin installation of the elevator.

As the project continues moving forward, we ask for prayers for the contractor and subcontractors personnel, the church staff and committees that are involved with the project and the congregation for patience and understanding. For those interested in getting involved with the church or the project, contact the church for further information.


April 2

The project saw warmer weather and rain this week, but progress was still made both inside and outside the building. Concrete contractor was able to complete their work this week. This included the concrete sidewalk, stairway and ADA accessibility ramp for the north (front) entrance. Sidewalk patches along the sidewalk on the north side of the building, including the exit stairway and sidewalk to the NE exit from the sanctuary and the ADA Ramp taking the sidewalk across South Second St. Sidewalk from the Fellowship Hall stairway access on the east side, and the sidewalk and parking lot east entrance pavement. ADA accessible ramp for pedestrians heading south along second, crossing East First. Sidewalk to the building from the south parking lot, protective curbing along drive thru drop off and two concrete curb islands in the parking lot.

Ameren connected the power pole to the electric transformer and added the power meter, completing the connection for the new power service to the building. Electricians continued to make wire connections to various panels throughout the building and pulling wire as needed through conduit to various locations.

Carpenters and drywall crews split shifts depending upon the day and the weather, working on finishing then priming the walls in the Fellowship Hall and painting the first-floor hallways in the existing education wing. They also painted on fire sprinkler system piping, turning it from the bright orange it was to a dull white and readying it for paint. They also worked outside on the concrete panel siding, a.k.a Nichichna Board on a portion of the elevator shaft and the east wall of the sanctuary.

Over the next week we anticipate work to continue the siding panels on the east side of the sanctuary and the elevator shaft, which is critical to completing some remaining roof work which will enclose the building fully. We understand that the elevator should be delivered soon so we hope that it maybe even this week. This would be the remaining large ticket item that needs to get to the job site and installed.

March 26

Weather continues to limit the work that can be completed outside but that doesn’t mean that work can’t be done. Weather limited the work to inside the building. Drywall crew continued working in the sanctuary then the lower parlors to finish up the drywall and compound in the Fellowship Hall. Drywall was finished and painted in the new restrooms in the lower parlors and the first floor. The drywall crew will complete any remaining work in the lower parlors then move up to the Sanctuary and Atrium to finish up what they can in preparation for priming the walls for paint.

Rain kept carpenter crew inside, where they started paint in the Education wing first floor hallway and priming fire protection piping in the office area. They began work outside preparing to install concrete siding panels but with the rainy weather that work has been delayed. It is anticipated that if the weather stays nice next week that some of the outdoor work will resume.

Electricians finished some work critical to connecting the building to the power grid. They installed the main electrical disconnect which had been delayed in arriving. With its installation the electrical service will be able to go through inspection and once that happens the building will be able to be connected. This connection is critical so that the elevator can be delivered and installed. It is anticipated that the electricians will be installing light pole foundations and conduit this week as well as assisting with the connection to a power pole located by the west parking lot.

As always we ask for prayers for all the contractors and subcontractors personnel, committee and congregation members and the church congregation itself as we get closer to completion of the project.

March 19

Noticeable progress this week in many areas of the project. The carpenters were busy framing walls in the first-floor hallway for the utility chase and the transition from the Atrium to the hallway. They also installed walls around the second-floor utility chase in the resource room. Framing was installed around several steel frame posts in the Fellowship Hall to prepare for drywall installation. They also installed a stud wall for the coat rack area in the first-floor hallway. Plumbers completed pressure testing on the water lines and the sprinkler systems to confirm all piping connections were properly sealed. Remaining work by the plumbers will occur once all walls are painted and finished so fixtures can be installed.

The most notable work completed was by the electricians. They pulled large gauge wire from the outdoor service panel to the breaker panels inside the existing mechanical room in the lower parlors. Several different wire leads were pulled to various locations inside the building including the breaker panel located in the Fellowship Hal, mechanical room in the northeast corner of the lower parlors. They will be able to continue pulling wire as necessary and making connections to switch and fixture boxes preparing for the time when the building disconnect arrives and can be installed so the final connection to the power grid can be completed.

Due to forecasted weather for the upcoming week some of the outdoor activities that were anticipated won’t be schedule. We do anticipate that continued work inside will be performed by the drywall crew, electricians and fire suppression system contractors and carpenters.

As always, we continue to ask for prayers for all involved with the project including the contractors and subcontractors personnel, church committee members and staff involved in the day to day activities, the congregation members. If you’re are interested in getting involved in the project in any manner including financially feel free to reach out to the First United Methodist Church office.

March 12

After a few weeks of cold weather and limited labor supply, this week saw some movement on the project. Carpenters were in to complete needed framing in the Sanctuary, closing in some open walls that needed HVAC work completed. They also completed framing on utility cases on the first floor in the hallway and the second floor in the resource room. Drywallers made it to the project on Wednesday and installed drywall panels in the sanctuary, atrium and first floor restrooms. They also installed metal edging, drywall tape and compound in various locations. Electricians were installing wire into conduits. Installed panel boxes and panels in the old mechanical room in the lower parlors.

With the weather changing we expect that the amount of work will be stepping up as we move closer to the final push towards completion. We ask for continued prayers for the project contractors and subcontractors, the committees and the congregation as we continue the push towards the completion of the project.

March 5

Sometimes progress is a difficult pursuit. Due to many factors we made very little progress this week. Plumbers and fire extinguisher contractors were in the building working on various small projects. Electricians were here a couple days working on small projects as well preparing for the push to the end. According to our General Contractor, crews will be returning next week to pick up where they left off a few weeks ago. We ask for continued prayers for all involved in the project, all the contractors personnel, committee members and congregation that continue to support the project. If you have the desire to be involved with the church or the project in whatever capacity feel free to reach out and they will get you involved.

February 26

The carpenter on-site completed quite a bit of framing in the lower parlors hallway and utility rooms preparing for drywall installation. They also prepared new barriers at the elevator shaft openings, ready for easy removal when elevator installers arrive. Plumbers and fire sprinkler contractor worked on installing connection equipment, water heater and additional sprinkler system piping in several locations throughout both buildings. Vital systems like a backflow preventer and sump pumps in the lower parlors were installed.

We continue to ask for prayers for all involved in the project for their safety, and for patience for the congregation as we continue to see delays caused by material and equipment availability. As we move closer to spring and better weather, we anticipate that those contractors and personnel who are involved with exterior features of the project will be able to return and complete their work.

February 19

This week saw some progress in the lower parlors. Electricians delivered supplies for the electrical panels located in the old furnace room. A majority of the wiring for lighting was pulled through conduit into place. The swirling was pulled to switch and light boxes. The plumbers for the fire suppression system contractor completed installation of main water feed pipes in the sanctuary and various locations in the lower parlors. One carpenter was on site and installed framing in the lower parlor hallway, which will help clean up the look of this area.


Anticipated work for next week includes return of additional carpenters to complete framing where needed and install drywall. It is anticipated that they will be able to complete installation and finishing of the drywall. Electricians will continue installing electrical systems and preparing the electrical connections to the elevator shaft. Once the new panels and shutoff is connected then the elevator contractor can begin installation.


We continue to see issues with delivery of supplies and components that slow down the work. We ask for continued prayers for the project and those involved, the contractors and building committee members.

February 12

We were blessed to see the windows and doors contractor arrive this week to install the doors and windows for the north and south entrance and wall between the Sanctuary and Atrium. Electricians and HVAC technicians worked on various pieces of the puzzle this week. Electricians worked to run “fish lines” through conduits, preparing to run wiring through them. They also ran wiring from the HVAC units on the roof of the Atrium into the building, preparing for connections from the main service panel. HVAC Technicians continued to install ductwork and insulation around the ducts to various locations in the building. They also completed connections to the fresh air and exhaust vents for the Lower Parlor units.


We were notified that the general contractor will be back on site next week, sooner than originally expected. We thank you all for the support while going through this project. We ask for continued prayers for all those involved with the project, the contractors, committees and the congregation as the project is pressed towards completion.

February 5

Delays early in the project continue to slow progress but the project is still moving forward. A majority of the changes that can be seen are progress on the drywall throughout the new building. Carpenters installed drywall in the lower parlors including the fellowship hall, kitchen, pantry, mechanical room, both restrooms and hallway to them. Electricians and HVAC contractor made progress installing duct work in the Sanctuary for cold air returns and supply ducts. Electricians continued installing conduits in lower parlors and wiring for the elevator was pulled from a panel room to the elevator shaft.

We have been notified that the prime contractor will be pulling off the job for a couple weeks while the subcontractors continue working on their respective systems. This would include the electricians, HVAC technicians, plumbers and other specialty contractors. Components for the electrical systems are scheduled to arrive mid-February including a disconnect system needed for the electric service. Elevator is still scheduled for installation late February. More windows and doors will need installed around the south entrance as well as in the sanctuary and the wall between it and the Atrium.

It is anticipated that once the prime contractor returns, the weather will be warmer and will allow for easier heating of the sanctuary so the drywall can be finished properly. We continue to work through these challenges and ask for continued prayers for the project and all involved.

January 30

Progress this week was focused inside since the weather was hit and miss for the contractor. Carpenters spent the week installing drywall in the Sanctuary and Lower Parlors, coordinating with the HVAC contractor. This coordination allowed for installation of major components of the heating/cooling system on both levels of the building. The HVAC contractor prepared and installed a number of return air vents, connecting them to the main HVAC units. Plumbers continued working on water supply and waste piping to the first-floor restrooms. Electricians have been installing additional conduits as necessary in preparation for final wiring. The city inspections have been completed and the work has passed. The project can continue moving forward assuming supplies come in as expected.

We continue to deal with some delays for materials, specifically electrical at this time. We believe other major components have been received or are at least accounted for and available as needed. We continue to ask for prayers for all involved in the project, the contractor and sub-contractors personnel, committee, and congregation members.


January 23

Although the weather outside was frightful most of the week, progress was made both inside and outside. Outside work was limited due to the chill but we saw carpenters install Nichiha concrete panel siding on the south wall of the first-floor restrooms. Carpenters also worked to complete the reverse soffit in the Atrium and framed the wall under the windows in the Atrium. Plumbers were on-site working on piping for the first-floor restrooms. HVAC Technicians worked on pipe connections and ductwork for the main lower parlor HVAC systems. Electricians continued installing conduit as needed and placed a panel cabinet in the existing utility room on the lower parlors preparing for connection to the new building service currently scheduled for mid-February.

There may be many other items installed that I may not have gotten documented just because of the sheer size of the project and not being able to see it all. We ask for continued prayers for this project and those involved in it including the contractors and subs employees, the building committee, architects, engineers, and church members. If you want to know more about the project or wish to participate in the project even financially feel free to reach out.

January 15

Limited visible progress this week considering the weather we had mid week. Two carpenters worked on installing insulation where still needed and placing plastic vapor barrier over the insulation. Carpenters started working on drywall on west wall of sanctuary. Electricians and HVAC Technicians have been hard at work preparing conduits and duct work and installing pieces in various locations. Most noticeable has been the duct work and fan unit in ceiling of the Atrium. They have also been able to install duct work for the exhaust vents for the kitchen. Some work scheduled for this week has been pushed back to next week. As always we ask for prayers of safety and guidance for all those involved with this project.

January 9

The first full week of 2022 found the electricians and HVAC technicians getting quite a bit done. Electricians are preparing for a rough-in inspection for the lower parlors. HVAC installed ductwork in various locations throughout the building and suppliers spent a day unloading and positioning drywall sheets throughout both floors of the new building. The contractor continues to move forward to get the building closed in between the existing and new buildings so it will be fully protected from the weather. Concrete panel siding will be installed soon, hopefully the weather will be nice enough to allow for easier installation. Building infrastructure contractors will continue installations vital to the operation of the building (electrical, HVAC and plumbing/fire sprinkler systems).

We continue to ask for prayers for our project and for all involved with the project. Prayers for the congregation members as they continue to move closer to the time they can use the facility and those who are working to prepare for the use of the facility.

December 26

With this week leading up to Christmas, there was a limited amount of work completed. Masons completed the brick facade on the columns by the south entry to the building. HVAC technicians worked on the rooftop HVAC system on the Atrium roof, connecting ductwork and conduits preparing the units for use. Carpenters were busy framing up the soffits in the lower parlors and the Atrium. They also spent the remainder of the week installing insulation in the Atrium and Sanctuary. We hope you continue to have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

December 19

Most windows have been installed. The roof top units were set in place this week. Masons finished on the east side of the building and still need to do around handicap ramp and front entrance. They are working on columns on the south side now. The parking lot gravel is going in. Concrete guys are back working on ramps, sidewalks, ramps into parking lot and light standards for the parking lot. Carpenters have almost finished insulation in the basement, fellowship hall and kitchen. Hopefully the elevator arrives before Christmas break.  Plumbers, sprinkler and electrical contractors are making progress. Most crews will be gone Christmas to New Year’s Day. Continue support for the project and prayers for safety health for all workers. Thank you and God bless.

December 12

There have been great strides in the work completed on the project, positioning it to look much different both inside and out. The Masons working on the brick facade have completed most of the major areas. Remaining areas are around the exterior stairs and fresh air vents on the NE corner, and some portions of the south entry structure. Window contractor installed all framing for the windows and a majority of the glass in those frames. They also installed the front entry door and window frames, glass and doors. Carpenters spent the week working on all the framing needed for the back of the sanctuary and the wall dividing the sanctuary and the atrium. They also worked on framing on the columns in the Atrium. Electricians finalized work in the sanctuary preparing for a rough in inspection. The HVAC Techin Ian’s worked on vent and supply ductwork in the first floor restrooms and the second floor hallway. They also prepared and installed ductwork in the lower parlors in various locations. Plumbers and fire suppression contractors installed ductile iron pipes for the sprinkler system in the sanctuary connecting with the pipes in the basement. Site contractor completed connections of the storm sewer and sanitary sewers to the City sewers. These installations included storm sewer inlets and sanitary sewer clean outs. They also began pushing dirt for the parking lot, placing it to proper grade.

December 5

The project saw quite a bit completed this week both inside and out. The site contractor came and installed the sanitary sewer service and portions of the storm sewer. This work will continue next week too. The Masons continued to work on the brick facade on the north side of the building and will continue to complete the portion under the large front windows. They will then move to the south entry where they will install brick facade on the columns. Carpenters were in and completed most of the framing between the sanctuary and the atrium, around the columns on the south entry and in the first-floor restrooms. Plumbers and HVAC technicians installed piping and ductwork in the first-floor restrooms and fire sprinkler contractor installed some piping in the sanctuary connecting to the lower parlor systems. As we continue to move forward on this project, we ask for prayers for all those involved with the project including personnel from the various contractors working onsite. We invite you to continue your involvement through prayer and through our summaries that are shared on the church Facebook page.

November 24

The short holiday week kept the contractors from getting too much done but they were able to make some progress. Masons completed a majority of the brick facade on the east side of the sanctuary. Work was to be completed for the storm and sanitary sewers this week to prepare for grading of the south parking lot, but due to a change in connection locations in the existing sewer that work was delayed. Carpenters worked on framing around the north window preparing for arrival of the windows in a couple weeks. They then moved to the wall between the sanctuary and the atrium and completed quite a bit of it. Electricians worked installing conduit and junction and fixture boxes in the atrium and the first-floor hallway of the education wing. Plumbers installed the supply line for the second-floor sprinkler system through the resource room to the chase and down to the first-floor hallway. Roofers completed the flat roofs on the north entry, atrium, elevator shaft, first floor restrooms and south entry roof. As we continue moving through this project, we continue to ask for prayers for all involved.

November 21

This week saw progress in a couple critical locations, roofing and window openings. The carpenters completed framing portions of the north window, preparing for the window frame, completed a wall connection between the atrium and the Chapel and used vapor barrier to close in the large window openings preparing to heat inside the sanctuary to make it more bearable to work in the winter cold until the windows are able to be installed. Masons completed a majority of the east wall of the sanctuary. They will be moving to the north side of the sanctuary to work on the brick facade. Electricians, plumbers and HVAC technicians continued installing their related systems including electrical conduit in the sanctuary, atrium and basement utility rooms. Contractors were able to complete piping that allows for the operation of the furnaces for the existing building so the education wing can now be heated properly. We continue to ask for prayers for the congregation, the contractors and those from the church involved with the project. If you are interested in participating in the project through planning, prayers or financially feel free to contact the church and you will be put in contact with the proper people. Thanks!

November 13

The new building is getting close to being closed in as we continue to have concerns related to lack of workers and supply chain concerns for materials. The site saw changes in the weather but didn’t slow down the progress. Masons continued progress on installation of the brick facade on the sanctuary completing the south sanctuary wall and south portion of the east wall. They will continue along the east wall and then transition to the north. They will still have some work on the south side related to the south entrance and elevator structure. Electricians continued to install electrical and system wiring throughout the sanctuary and some portions of the lower parlors. Plumbers continue to install roof drain piping and gas lines to connect all furnaces and water heaters to the gas utility. With the expected weather changes it is important to get heat back to the existing building, so they came in on Saturday to complete the installation of the gas and fresh air and vent lines. Carpenters closed in the large window on the south side where the glass block was removed to make it weatherproof until the windows arrive, anticipated around the first week of December. We anticipate the flat roof company will be on-site first of this week to get the Atrium roof and elevator shaft and restrooms roof installed. Carpenters will be back on-site to complete work around south entrance and work inside the sanctuary completing the wall between the sanctuary and the atrium. Plumbers, electricians and HVAC technicians will continue working on their respective systems and the site contractor will be in to install drainage and sanitary sewer piping connecting the building to the city sewer system. They will also work on the south side of the building, grading for the rock base for the parking lot and drop off zone. Concrete contractor will be returning to complete remaining concrete sidewalks, steps and drop off area for the south parking lot. We continue to ask for prayers for the congregation, the contractors and sub-contractors working on our project for their safety as they travel to and from the site and while they are working. 

November 6

A great week of dry weather allowed for much needed work to be completed. Carpenters were able to frame in the roof for the first-floor restrooms, second floor elevator hallway walls and roof, south entry, and the north chancel wall inside the sanctuary. Sheeting was completed and vapor wrap was installed. Masons continued working on the brick facade along the south side of the sanctuary and completed enough to allow for the gas meter to be installed. Plumbers, electricians, and HVAC techs continued to work on building infrastructure installing electric boxes, flexible conduit, and HVAC ductwork throughout the building on all floors. Gas meter was installed and connected to the building so once a couple other connections to existing furnaces are completed, they can be prepared for use in the cold weather. Fire suppression contractor installed piping and sprinklers in the chapel.

October 30

 A few rainy days have slowed progress with the project. A major component that was completed early in the week was the second-floor elevator hallway which our concrete contractor completed. They completed framing and sheeting of the first floor restroom walls and moved into the ceiling joists. When the rain came they were able to work in the sanctuary with the front walls and storage areas. The north windows were framed preparing for the windows themselves. Masons were able to complete some of the brick façade on the south side of the building. Plumbers and fire suppression system contractors continued installation of gas lines and sprinkler lines in the lower parlors. Fire suppression also worked in the Chapel installing sprinkler lines. Electricians began installing fixture and junction boxes, conduit and wiring in the roof of the sanctuary and various locations in the walls. HVAC crews installed duct work in the lower parlors and the existing building connecting to the new building. 


October 23

 Carpenters completed framing the outside wall around the first floor restrooms and some sheeting, completed framing and sheeting the exterior wall on the Atrium wall and framed up the wall separating the Sanctuary and Atrium. Masons completed the elevator shaft, prepared for building the remaining firewall between the elevator shaft and the existing education wing. Bricks were unloaded and began to lay out the façade bricks along the south side of the building. Plumbers, electricians and HVAC technicians were installing fire suppressing piping, gas service lines, preparing for electric transformer installation, heating and ventilation ductwork in place in the lower parlors. Roofers completed the roofing on the Sanctuary, with almost all of it done in one day.

October 16

With a couple days of rain, progress on the exterior portions of the building was limited. Carpenters did complete some detail work on the roof and some framing on the first-floor restrooms exterior wall. Masons continued with elevator shaft walls and are projected to complete the walls this coming week. Plumbers and fire protection contractors were busy in the lower parlors. Work was performed to complete gas service lines to be connected soon in preparation for the coming cold weather. Fire standpipe was installed from north side of building to pump room. Fire sprinkler piping was installed in Lower Parlors in both the existing and new building. Electrical conduits have been installed preparing for service to be connected soon. Fire detection system conduits were installed as well. Anticipated work next week should include the masons, carpenters, concrete contractors, and roofers. We continue to ask for prayers for the congregation, the Committees and church staff that are working with the contractors, the contractors and subcontractors and any others involved with the project.

October 9 

Carpenters have completed sheeting and underlayment for the sanctuary roof and continue to add roof clips, trim and other items to further reinforce the structure. They also completed walls by the front (north) entry. The masons completed the fore wall next to the existing building and started on the second-floor portion of the elevator shaft. The electricians installed a number of conduits for the lighting and fire detection and alarm system. The fire sprinkler contractor installed a number of pipes and sprinkler heads in the existing lower parlors including the utility and mechanical rooms and the new portion of the lower parlors. Next steps include masons completing the elevator shaft walls, carpenters framing around the first-floor restrooms and closing in the atrium walls and the wall between the Atrium and the Sanctuary. Roofers will shingle the roof and completing the flat roofs once all other framing is complete.

 October 2

The week started with an encouraging word from our Youth indicating their excitement with a message of “Making Progress!!” on the perimeter fence. Carpenters worked a full week on the roof framing, sheeting and underpayment. Plumbers and fire sprinkler contractors made progress on the gas service line and the fire sprinkler system in the lower parlors. Electricians installed an outdoor service box and connected it to the conduit previously installed under the existing Education Wing. Masons returned on Friday and worked to prepare the work platform around the elevator shaft and place block on the platform.

September 25

Carpenters have been busy finishing the roof framing and beginning to put sheeting and roof underpayment on the sheeting. They have completed the south side of the roof and are now focusing on the north side. Steel framing has been installed on the south entry and for the second-floor elevator hallway frame. The electricians and plumbers have been busy installing conduits and piping for the electricity and water supply and waste lines in the lower parlors.


September 19 

The carpenters continued installing “I” trusses on the roof and completed a majority of them. While some continue reinforcing the trusses, others started placing plywood sheeting on the roof beginning to close in the roof. Plumbers put in water supply lines to the lower parlor restrooms and waste vent lines in the kitchen, restrooms and utility rooms. Electricians were “roughing-in” additional light switches, receptacle boxes and some wiring in flexible conduit. They were also busy preparing for and installation of ducts for the electrical service that will provide electricity to the building.


September 12 

The carpenters began the week placing trusses on the roof framing and completed closing the south wall of the sanctuary, leaving just enough for the masons to have access to work on the elevator shaft and adjacent wall. Carpenters also framed in the pass-through windows for the kitchen. The masons continued working on the elevator shaft and the adjacent wall that contains utility closets. This brought the shaft up to the level of the second floor. Electricians installed a number of feet of conduit and rough-in conduit, switch and wall plug components. They also prepared for the main electrical service to be brought in from the west side of the building and take it under the existing building into the downstairs utility room where the existing service is located. Plumbers continued installation of waste piping up to the first-floor restrooms. They also installed large size water supply line and some smaller diameter pipe for the restrooms in the lower parlors. Fire sprinkler system contractor installed pipes and sprinkler heads in the lower parlor hallway and the youth room. Site and grading contractor came in Thursday and installed a new 6” water main connection from the city main on Broadway. The installation is ready for patching of Broadway.

September 5

The masons completed the secondary wall and are working on the elevator walls and first floor restrooms walls. The carpenters have many of the sidewalls up. They will begin closing in roof on the Sanctuary this week. The main water lines will be put in next week and the street will be closed as they work. The plumbers are working in the basement running water lines. The entry way overhangs were removed. The sprinklers were installed in the MELC rooms and most of second floor. The goal right now is to get the building closed in before cooler weather. There is still have more steel to put up for hallway off elevator for the second floor and entryways. We are making progress.

August 29 

The masons returned this week and made some progress on secondary walls. They still have elevator walls and restroom walls on first floor to do so we can put up steel and pour second floor hallway. The carpenters made headway as more walls have been put up in the basement and sanctuary walls. Working hard to get closed in before cooler weather arrives. Sprinkler work in MELC has been completed and still have some on second and first floors to complete. We are getting ready to bore under the building for power hole on the west side is for power to go under the education wing to mechanical room in basement for all power. This week should see the demo of the overhangs over the doors. Please keep the project, the workers and church in your prayers thank you for your support.


August 22 

The carpenters have been here since Tuesday and are showing progress. East and west wall working to the peaks are coming along nicely. Some of the north and south walls have been framed also. Basement has had temporary lighting installed to see better. Jessica Way was in for kitchen measurements and addressed a couple of her concerns which worked out for us. She is ready to go.


This week we are hoping for masons to come to work on walls so we can put up more steel and pour second floor hallway from elevator to education building. Electrical crew will hopefully be here to bore under education building to mechanical room for power to building. Just preliminary work for running power. Sprinkler systems is about halfway done running second floor. Hopefully they will get education building done before MELC starts. Please keep the project the workers safety and the church in your prayers and thanks for the continued support.

August 15

It was a pretty good week of work on the site. The inside arches have been put up and braced in place ready for walls. The beams look great! More braces and studs were place on the east wall. During rain showers, work was done in the basement hallway and restrooms area. More framing should be done this week. Sprinkler system for fire protection started on the second floor of the education building with a lot of drilling through walls and pipe being placed. Carpenters will return on Tuesday and the masons will be here to work on the secondary wall and elevator area. The overhangs on the front doors and back doors may be removed this week depending. We are moving forward. Please keep the project in your prayers and for safety of the workers on sites and for your support. Thanks all.

August 8

Well, the carpenters arrived. Framing started on the east wall pulpit area. More exciting is the basement restrooms walls, elevator hallway, kitchen pantry and mechanical room walls have been put up. The carpenters worked on Saturday and made progress. The arches for sanctuary will arrive this week and the masons are due back this week to work on secondary wall and elevator wall. Temporary lighting will be installed in basement area.

Our Fresh Start Kitchen Committee has been busy as we get closer to getting final measurements for cabinet, sinks, and counters. The Fresh Start Décor Committee has made decision and orders have been placed for chairs, carpets, and tile. Also Fresh Start Stain Glass Committee continue to work and have started a Facebook page. Thanks to these committees. We are making progress. Please continue to pray for our church, the safety of the workers and continued support for the project. Thank you all.

August 1

The Sanctuary floor and Welcome Center floor have been poured. The stairway leading out of the lower level on the east side has also been poured. Two more lumber packages were delivered this week. Concrete is being allowed to cure before we put lifts on it. Work on the east wall should start around Wednesday when carpenters arrive. Mason crews will be back to continue the block walls of the elevator and support wall in front of the education wing so more steel can be put up. A lot of activity should really start happening. The Fresh Start Decor Committee selected chairs and carpet colors for the Sanctuary. Thank you, Decor Committee, for a wonderful job. The Fresh Start Kitchen Committee continues to meet and finalize the plans for the kitchen area. Thank you to the Kitchen Committee for your continued work. Please keep these folks, all our construction crews, and the Fresh Start Committee in your prayers for guidance and safety. Thank you to the Congregation for all your support. 

July 25

The concrete crew returned mid-week to pour the back entryway to the elevator footings, 2 steps to the stairs outside youth room in basement hallway and a small, reinforced wall in basement hallway in mechanical room. They are preparing to pour the Sanctuary floor and Atrium floors next week along with basement exit stairway on the east side of the building and exit door pad in Sanctuary northeast corner. A lot of concrete to be poured this coming week. Wood packages have been arriving for the project also. Please keep the construction crews’ safety and the project in our prayers.

May 30

Progress is being made on plumbing for the Lower Parlors. Foundation under drains complete and backfill around foundation walls in around most of the walls. Next week, continue plumbing work in basement and site work around the foundation.

May 19

The Concrete contractor completed forming the foundation walls on Tuesday, final adjustments then poured the walls in the afternoon on Wednesday completing the perimeter foundation wall.


May 15

Remainder of the week saw the concrete contractor form and pour the remaining footings for the foundation wall. They are currently placing rebar and forms for the foundation walls. They are even working on the rain today so please pray for them to stay safe. They are working hard to catch the schedule back up since we lost some time earlier in the season.


May 12

After over 2” of rain left standing water in the basement area, the contractor was able to dry out the basement. They were able to excavate for floor column footings and pour the concrete for those today. They also excavated the remainder of the footings and placing rebar. Could be poured as early as Thursday. Contractor also excavated and placed aggregate base for the lower parlor concrete floor that will be poured soon.


May 8

Elevator pit in place. Lower parlors, hallway, former men's and women's restrooms excavated.

Upcoming work. Existing foundation reinforcement in old basement hallway. Continuing excavation for remainder of footings and foundation walls.


May 1

Weather slowed progress this week but masons have been busy putting up the second firebreak wall next to the existing building. Foundation drain and backfill around the foundation walls has begun. Biggest element was the elevator foundation pit and wall so masons can begin the elevator shaft in the next couple weeks. Slowly but surely.

NEW building

“I am the Church, You are the Church, We are the Church Together.” As a Church Conference we had the chance to sing these words together on Monday night, November 19. At that time we, as the First United Methodist Church family, also voted to move forward with a project that has the potential to increase our missions both for our congregation as well as the community.


On behalf of the Fresh Start Committee, we want to Thank You all for your prayers and support through this long and sometimes difficult process.  We as a committee understand the significance of the vote to move forward for all of our church family--both those who supported the new facility and those who felt that we could continue to serve the needs of the community as well as our own needs with the current facility.  Now that the vote has been taken, we pray that we will move forward as a united congregation.


We ask that you continue to pray for the process, the Capital Campaign, the planning, designs and construction that lie ahead. We are entering into an exciting time for our church and we pray that you will all continue to participate in the life of the Church and its community outreach.  We are the Church, we are the Church Community and we are the ones God continues to bless through our faithfulness to him. God is Good All the Time, and All The Time God Is Good. Bless you and Thank You Again.


The Fresh Start Committee

Please watch this short Forward In Faith video – Click Here

Project Summary

Oct 7,  2020

  • Final Total Cost (including fees) from Construction Manager - $3,715,313
  • This is $149,166 (4.2%) above the amount given to congregation in 11/2018.  This is due largely to delays of close to one year due to switching Construction Managers last year, plus unknowns at the time of the original estimate discovered during plan development.
  • Changes made to reduce the cost of construction from original plan in 11/2018:
  • Removed drive-thru canopy on south side of church.  This can be added during construction if actual costs are running below estimates.
  • The elevator is sized to accommodate 10-15 people but is not sized to accommodate a casket.  Caskets will continue to be moved in and out of the church as they are currently on the first floor through the north door.
  • Slight modifications to the north entrance reducing the useable space in the new narthex.  (Guestimate – 150 sq. ft.)
  • Restoring the stained-glass windows was not included in the 2018 budget estimate.  We expect that there will be different fund-raising efforts to complete this at a later time.
  • Project Financing Plan:  We received proposals from two banks for a line of credit and mortgage.  We have selected Midwest Bank of Monmouth, IL who is proposing a rate of 3.429% for the 12-month line of credit.  The rate for the mortgage will be set at 2.609% above the Federal Home Loan Bank rate, which is currently 0.82%, which puts the mortgage rate at 3.429%.  This rate is fixed for seven years and will be adjusted to 2.609% above the FHLB rate at that time for subsequent seven-year periods.
  • Line of Credit: $1,502,000; interest only paid monthly as funds are drawn
  • Line of Credit Interest rate: 3.429%
  • Estimated Mortgage: $1,201,000
  • Mortgage Interest rate: 2.609% above FHLB rate; reset each 7 years
  • Amortization: 25 years
  • Annual mortgage payments: $71,621
  • Eighty-one families or individuals have pledged their financial support and ninety-one (91) have actually contributed.  We will be asking our congregation to prayerfully consider continuing their pledge at a level that will support the annual mortgage payments.  With 120 giving units, we estimate this ask to be approximately $50 per month or $597 per year above their giving to support the operating budget of the church.

  • We strongly believe that our new sanctuary will honor God and His ministry through us.  Please support it with your financial gift. 

A Resolution of the First United Methodist Church

For the construction of a new sanctuary building

October 25, 2020

First United Methodist Church has undergone extensive work to resolve it’s long standing concerns about the continued deterioration of the sanctuary building constructed in the late 1800’s.  It has lacked many things that a modern church requires including complete unencumbered access for people with limited mobility and the ability to conduct a variety of styles of worship that people today expect.


The proposal is to replace the current sanctuary building, leaving in place the Education Building constructed in the early 1960’s, with a new sanctuary building.  The building will be approximately 6,300 square feet in size on both the main floor as well as the lower level.  The first floor will be the main sanctuary along with a narthex located where the current courtyard is on the northside of the building.  The sanctuary will accommodate seating for 250 people and on the same level as the education building. 


An elevator connecting all three floors is also included.  The lower level includes a new kitchen, pantry and seating for approximately 200 people in the new dining area.  The lower level will be on the same level as the Youth Group room in the Education Building.


The final cost provided by Zion Church Builders, the Construction Manager, plus furniture, fixture, equipment and professional fees is $3,715,313.  The church has already paid $258,839 toward the project, leaving a balance of $3,456,374. As of September 30, 2020, the church has $1,919,172 in cash and investments.  This along with a construction loan of $1,502,301 and a grant from the Fellheimer Trust of Macomb will complete the required funds needed to pay for the construction.  The remaining unpaid pledges from the Capital Campaign in 2019 of approximately $300,000, will reduce the final mortgage to approximately $1,200,000. 


We have a received a financing commitment letter from Midwest Bank which includes a fixed interest rate of 3.429% for twelve (12) months for the construction loan and a rate of 2.609% above the Federal Home Loan Bank rate (currently 0.82%) at the time the construction loan is converted to a mortgage. Using this formula, the mortgage interest rate will be adjusted every seven (7) years during the life of the mortgage.  Annual payments over the twenty-five (25) year amortization period, based on the current interest rates, are $74,359.


The District Committee on Building and Relocation has given their unanimous approval for this project and its financing plan on October 7, 2020.


Therefore, be it resolved that members of the First United Methodist Church of Monmouth, IL at the all church conference meeting on October 25, 2020 hereby grant authority to the Chairperson of the Trustees to execute all documents for contracting and financing the construction of our new sanctuary building described above.  These documents include, but are not limited to a Promissory Note, Construction Mortgage, Resolution to Borrower, Security Agreement, Construction Escrow Agreement, Construction contract and any addendums and change orders.   

how can i get involved

There are a few ways you can get involved right now! 

  1. Commit to pray for the building program. A group of people meet every Wednesday morning from 9:30 - 9:45 in the chapel to pray together for this program. If you are unable to make it to the chapel on Wednesday mornings put it on your calendar to join in where ever you are to pray for the program.